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Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit Rebuilding, Apply Online At

Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit Rebuilding, Apply Online At

Hello and Today you will learn about secured credit cards, how they can help, and where you can apply for one.

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Have you been refused a credit card in the past? has a possible solution for you!
Apply for a secured credit card.

About Secured Cards:
-Designed for people who want to establish or build a credit history
– Give access to a credit line to use
-Payments report to major credit bureaus
-You typically need to deposit cash as collateral for your credit limit (commonly from 0 to 00)

About Secured Cards Continued:
-Most secured cards will have an annual fee, possibly other fees
-APR’s will be higher than an unsecured card
-Commonly your credit limit is what you deposit as collateral
-Be sure to read the terms and conditions

Typical requirements to obtain a secured card:
-You need the ability to make minimum payments so your income should be more than expenses.
-You need proper identification
-Past bankruptcies must be discharged

Tips once you get a secured card:

-Show the bank you can responsibly own a credit card!
-NEVER make a late payment
-Pay your bill on time each month
-Pay your balance in full OR pay more than your minimum payment each month.
-Never charge more than 10% of your total credit limit.

When applying for a secured card:

-Have your bank account information handy so you can deposit your money with the bank.
-Be sure to set 15 minutes aside to fill out the online application
-Have are your personal information handy
-Be sure it reports to all 3 credit bureaus

How long should I keep a secured credit card?
Keep your card active as long as possible. Closing an account can potentially reduce creditworthiness.

I was refused a secured card. Any other options?
-You do have other options.
-Ask a friend or family member if they can make you an “authorized user” on their account.
-There are no requirements to qualify and you will build a credit history with each on-time monthly payment. (Bank must be reporting)
-Get a cosigner.

About is your online resource for credit cards, loans, merchant account, credit reports, and other financial products.
If you are interested in applying for a secured credit card, we have some offers for you to review on our website,!

Where can I apply for a secured credit card?

Visit: cards and apply online today!
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Secured Credit Cards
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Secured Credit Cards
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Why Should You Bother With The Best Secured Credit Card Deal

You can’t stop noticing the number of advertisements for credit card offers these days. It can be enticing to sign up as they offer attractive rates and appealing incentives. So, why should you bother with a secured credit card deal?

In some cases, secured credit card may be useful. If the finance companies often reject your application, then you lose the prospect of getting one. Without credit report, you obviously find it almost impossible to secure a card. If the court declares you as an insolvent, what are your chances of getting one? As you can see, it boils down to your personal financial situation. Nevertheless, don’t let it refrain from obtaining a credit card. You can opt for secured credit cards in such circumstances.

So, how does it work? The financial providers will require you to pledge your saving account with at least 500 dollars as collateral. Some of them may require higher deposits. Your credit limit depends on the sum of saving you have. This means that the card issuers will give a full credit line according to your account balance. Should you default your payment, you will lose your saving. Therefore, to obtain a credit card, you must have a saving account or a certificate of deposit with a minimum of 500 dollars. You will feel more comfortable having a credit card this way without worrying about over spending.

Usually the finance companies don’t accept standard card application if you have bad credit. So the other option is to apply for secured credit cards. They assess your application only based on your savings and not your credit history.

Being a college student, you know that obtaining a credit card is challenging because you need to establish your credit. You can’t get a regular one if you cannot present your credit history report. Therefore, most college students normally choose secured credit cards that demand no credit report.

Bankruptcy can prevent you from getting a normal card. The ideal way is to apply for a secured credit card. It is easier to obtain approval compared to other kinds of cards.

To determine the best deals, you check the offers from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover on the Internet. Doing online research can give you with valuable information about their offers. However, not all the offers are the same. So, you need to evaluate their offers first before you submit your application. Here is a potential list of items you should consider.

1. What are their interest rates?
2. Do they charge any extra fees such as an application fee?
3. Do they report to the three credit reporting bureaus about your application?

The best secured credit card should meet all your needs. Ideally, choose those that come with low interest rates and without application fees. Make sure that the card issuers report to the credit reporting bureaus. This will upgrade your credit score in the future provided you pay on time. This will further help you with your application for regular cards.

You need time and effort in diligently investigating and comparing different types of secured credit card deals. Whether you are a bankrupt, a student or a poor credit paymaster, secured credit cards are better choices even though you have a limit on how you spend your money. Best of all, you have a better money management because of the restriction.

Do you want more articles on credit card deal such as balance transfer and consolidation? Andy Lim created a web site on credit card tips. For free information, please go to his credit card website.

Discover it Secured Credit Card – build your credit history

Discover it Secured Credit Card - build your credit history

The new Discover it® Secured Credit Card is here! And it can help you build or rebuild credit with responsible use, all with cash rewards on every purchase.

The Discover it Secured Card is a real credit card, not a prepaid or debit card. So using it helps build a credit history with the three major credit bureaus. Generally, prepaid cards and debit cards can’t do that.

It’s easy to get started. Just apply and provide a security deposit. Your credit line will equal your deposit amount, up to the amount we can approve. Then use your card, pay on time each month and enjoy all your Discover it benefits.

Get started today at

What You Ought To Know About Secured Charge Cards & Building Credit

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Welcome to my MissBeHelpful station!

Inside video, I share some tips to support rebuilding credit or establishing credit from scrape.

Here are two secured credit cards that we explore into the movie and highly recommend:

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Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

< iframe width=" 425" height =" 355" src ="" frameborder =" 0" allowfullscreen >< img alt=" Wells Fargo Secured Credit history Card "src =" "/ > This video clip discusses exactly how the Wells Fargo Safe Credit score Card works including exactly how it aids construct credit rating and consumer obligations.

< iframe width="425" height="355" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen > Obtain the inside scoop on exactly how secured bank card actually work, in addition to some tips to develop credit score, as well as just how this device could help you achieve that objective. For more check out a post at:

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Exactly What Do You Really Suggest By A Secured Charge Card?

Secured bank cards are another remarkably popular breed of charge cards. Secured bank cards, because their title implies, tend to be secured. Well, these are generally guaranteed for the bank card supplier, actually. Secured bank cards require that you open a merchant account aided by the bank card provider and maintain some dough stability because account. This cash balance acts as a security for provider of secured credit card.

Your borrowing limit is dependent on extent you possess in the account which you have begun with all the supplier of secured charge card. This is certainly generally between 50 to 100per cent of one’s balance. Therefore in that good sense, secured bank cards aren’t truly charge cards (simply because they don’t give you any credit really). This is exactly why, the secured credit cards are sometimes additionally called as debit cards.

how come the idea of secured charge cards essential?

As we understand, personal credit card debt is a raging issue that is caused by inappropriate usage of bank cards. These types of people end up spoiling their particular credit rating to an extent where they cannot get another unsecured credit card (which that which we call the popular credit cards). Despite they’ve paid their particular dues and eliminated their financial obligation, their credit rating however haunts them. For such individuals, secured credit cards tend to be a boon.

Secured credit cards present them with a chance to not just get a credit card to start with but additionally to enhance their particular credit history by using the secured charge card in a disciplined method (spending their particular dues in time, controlled spending, utilizing no more than 70per cent credit limit an such like). As they continue with your great practices, their particular credit score slowly gets better during a period of time. Ergo secured credit cards provide them with the way of rectifying their particular blunders (credit score).

It isn’t just the individuals with bad credit rating just who buy secured charge cards. Many people opt for secured credit cards since they wouldn’t like to bother themselves with all the bills etc for charge cards. They don’t want to even fill-up application forms for unsecured credit cards.

After that there are some who simply don’t like to borrow cash (even in the event it indicates borrowing from a charge card provider making use of their particular credit card). But these types of individuals are really unusual to find.

Some people simply aim for secured charge cards because they be aware lots of horrifying tales on credit card debt – possibly someone from their family or one of their friends was devastated by credit debt and so they don’t want to repeat the error. So they really choose go with a secured charge card.

Whatever be the reason for choosing it, the secured charge cards are clearly popular also.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an online marketing consultant and co founder of Free affiliate marketing programs

For more information and resource backlinks on credit & financial loans see: on line Loan Quick Cash

Where You Can Get a protected Card – simply click website link below… (I do get an affiliate marketer commission when you are getting a card through this link)

Mike explains at length how to use a secure credit card to raise your credit score. Mike notes the largest challenge is understanding how the credit bureau’s scores tend to be computed. We have no clue just how results are determined, thus they just do not know what doing for their ratings in a confident range.

What direction to go when you yourself have avoided credit the past few many years
This is an excellent strategy if you had a monetary traumatization, along with your fico scores
have already been damaged.

1) Merely, get a secured bank card, simpler to get two. They are charge cards that credit unions and little finance companies allow you to start when or else you may possibly not be capable open a merchant account.

2) This is what you do, place 0 dollars into one of their particular savings records.

3) you may well ask them if they will issue a credit card making use of the money in your saving account as collateral.

4) make sure they’ll report it into credit reporting agencies. (do not forget to ask them this concern, it is crucial!).

5) Use the credit card for gas or some small expenditure things that might usually utilize money for.

6) never ever allow your balance go over 0, or 30per cent of one’s limit.

7) if the costs is available in, pay it instantly. (Leave a small stability, try not to pay-off to zero).

Using the card and paying the balance straight away, after 60 times your scores will start to progress.
The longer time you follow this method, the bigger your score goes.

We could get you financing whenever your score reaches 600, however the real objective is 640 considering that the
interest rate is likely to be better.

Feel free to call me personally when you have any queries relating to this 7 point plan to get ratings up.

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